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Environmental humanities with sub-disciplines of environmental and landscape archaeology, environmental history and anthropology with ecocriticism and ecofeminism have been third part of my projects. I have been started this project with professor Suzana Marjanić as book series on Croatian and English which have been published into volumes: Ekofeminizam: između zelenih i ženskih studija (Ecofeminism: between Green and Women’s Studies), 2020, editors: G. Đurđević, S. Marjanić, Zagreb: Durieux, pp. 486, published in Croatian, forthcoming Ekokritika: između prirode i kulture (Ecocriticism: between Nature and Culture), 2021, editors: S. Marjanić, G. Đurđević, Zagreb: Tim press in Croatian and English – edition titled Ecofeminism on edge published by Emerald Publishing at the end of 2021. These books have been pioneering papers and edited books in Southeastern Europe and the project still is developing.