June 2024



– K. Tran Hoang, G. Đurđević, A. Farman, Chen Haotian, Global archaeology’s love affair with digital technology: GIS, big data and Mirror Studies, conference: WAC 9, July 5-10 2022, Prague (Czech Republic)



– G. Đurđević, Z. Stopić, Invention of polite tradition: term “Southeast Europe” in contemporary Croatian scientific thought, conference: BFSU Forum for China-CEEC People-to-people Exchanges 2021, September 24, Beijing (China)

– Ogledalce, ogledalce… – globalni projekt o zrcalima Mirror Studies (Mirror, mirror… – an international project Mirror Studies), Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb (Croatia), September 2021 (in Croatian)


– Dead but Immortal: mirrors, death and transformations in Han and Roman Empire, conference: 14th Annual Comparative Mythology conference ‘Death and Migration in World Mythology’, August 2021, Chihuahua (Mexico)


– Reflection as protection: reflection, mirrors and soul in the Qin – Han and Roman Empires, Amphorae XV, June 30 – July 2 2021, Otago (New Zealand) via Zoom


– G. Đurđević, S. Marjanić, Ecofeminist voices from SE Europe, conference: Ecofeminism: history, struggle, perspectives, May 27 – 28 2021, Paris (France) online via Zoom

– Session Ekofem društvena prožimanja (Ecofeminism and society), Center for Women’s studies, Zagreb and online via Zoom (session co-chair with S. Marjanić), May 24 2021

– Participant on forum Dialogues of Civilizations, China International Intelligent Communication Forum 2021, Wuxi, May 20 2021

Magic, illusion and adaptation: reflection and mirrors in Qin – Han and Roman Empires, Postgraduate Forum’s 18th Annual Conference, May 19 2021, Newcastle (UK) via Zoom

– Forbidden city: live history, Forbidden city Beijing, online lecture for students in Denmark, Vejen Gymnasium and Hf via Facebook Messenger, May 12 2021

– Beijing (hi)story in 21st century: experiences, facts and perspectives, Vejen Gymnasium and Hf via Google Meet, May 10 2021

– Reflection in Qin-Han and Roman Art: A Case Study of Mirrors, 20th Meeting of Young Researchers in Ancient History, May 5-7 2021, Madrid (Spain) via Zoom


Participant, book promotion, book Ekofeminizam: između zelenih i ženskih studija (Ecofeminism: between Green and Women’s Studies), University of Rijeka, Rijeka (Croatia), April 27 2021 (in Croatian)

– What is reflection? Mirrors and reflection in the global antiquities: comparison between Roman and Qin – Han Empire, April 13 2021, TRAC Online Talks via Zoom 

–  Civilization and Reflection. Mirrors, Barbarians and Civilized in Qin-Han and Roman Empire, April 8 2021, Edinburgh Postgraduate Seminars via MS Teams

– G. Đurđević, S. Marjanić, Bat in dichotomy: myths and representations of bats in the East and West, conference: Animals and Religion – The Joint Annual Conference of The Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies and the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion, April 7 and 8 2021, Helsinki (Finland) online via Zoom


 – G. Đurđević, S. Marjanić, Rabuzinovo stablo: priroda bez društva (Rabuzin’s tree: nature without society), conference: Ivan Rabuzin i simbolika prirode u umjetnosti 20. i 21. stoljeća, March 2021, Zagreb (Croatia)

– G. Đurđević, H.K. Tran, Chen Haotian, A. Farman, G. Ryles, Saved reflection: an introduction to Mirror Studies project, Explorations in Archaeology, March 10 2021, University of Kanzas via Zoom

– Plenary session Optics and mirrors, IVMSC 2021, co-chair with H.K. Tran, March 4-5 2021

– Session Mediteranean, IVMSC 2021, March 4-5 2021, session commentator

– Chen Haotian, Ivan Marković, H.K. Tran, Goran Đurđević, Ljiljana Đurđević, Mire Mladenovski, Mirror Studies and sharing knowledge: case study – workshop Symbols and mirrors for secondary school students, IVMSC 2021, March 4-5 2021


– Session Ekofem animalistika (Ecofeminism and animal studies), Centar za ženske studije, Zagreb and online via Zoom (co-chair with S. Marjanić), February 26 2021


–  Session Ekofeminističke prakse (Ecofeminist practices), Center for woman’s studies, Zagreb and online via Zoom (co-chair with S. Marjanić), January 29 2021

– Create a reflection: mirrors and workshops in the Han and Roman Empire, Mediterranean Archaeology Australasian Research Community (MAARC) Symposium, January 28-30 2021, Melbourne (Australia)

– Mirrors, future and destiny in Qin – Han and Roman Empire, Exeter Works in Progress, January 22 2021, Exeter (UK) via Zoom

– Gendering reflection: gender, mirrors and reflection in Roman and Qin – Han Empire, CASA, January 14 2021, Cambridge (United Kingdom) via Zoom